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Pete McCarthy


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Pete McCarthy, 42-year veteran NHRA Stock and Super Stock driver, builder and tuner, has studied Pontiacs since 1962. He is also one of the top researchers of Pontiacs during the traditional years. Now you can benefit from his expertise with his books & DVD.

Pete's '67 RAM AIR GTO

Performance Porting DVD


Over ten years of intensive, hands-on research was conducted in order to make this video - without question, the most comprehensive and informative video ever produced about head porting. Over 55 minutes of detailed, easy-to-understand and effective techniques for many different Pontiac heads, including Edelbrock and RAV.
  • Geometric Basics of head port design
  • Porting techniques and shapes that really work - and those that don't
  • Buying ported heads - what to look for
  • How to increase intake/exhaust airflow on standard D-port heads by 50%
  • Airflow and velocity tests on a Superflow 600 computerized flowbench
  • Actual flow rates and maximum air velocity of stock cylinder heads
  • Fabricating easy-to-use porting templates & tools
  • Complete DVD script included

$24.95 Includes S/H


Pete McCarthy & Joel Larkin's '67 Firebird

Pontiac Musclecar Performance 1955 - 1979


Often referred to as the "Pontiac Bible", this softbound 222-page book contains virtually every specification pertaining to Pontiac V8 engines from 1955 to 1979. There is simply no other Pontiac book on the market with anywhere near this much reference material included.

  • Every conceivable casting number, carb number, cam spec, engine code, etc..
  • Specific and detailed histories
  • VIN's of all '62-'63 SDs, '69 RA IV T/As, and '70 LSI Firebirds
  • Packed with hundreds of original photos and rare documents

$35.00 Includes S/H


Pontiac Racer's & High Performance Handbbook

This softbound 100-page manual provides a great deal of detailed information relating to the preparation of NHRA-legal Stock and Super Stock racing engines.
  • NHRA engine tech specs
  • Limited Pontiac history
  • Specific techniques for Q-jet modification
  • Leading-edge performance techniques

$20.00 Includes S/H









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Pete McCarthy
P.O. Box 6489 Orange, CA 92863-6489
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